Thrive Africa has partnered with local charity Orphan Welfare Agenda (OWA) whom support 140+ caregivers that provide home based care to over 270 children that have been orphaned in the Upper East region of Ghana. Many caregivers live in inadequate housing having only one room that is used for their and the children’s bedrooms & for cooking, our project aims to expand and improve homes to provide a more suitable living environment.

The project launched in 2014 and has been a great success, several caregivers whom were sharing one room with the children they care for have now benefited from having separate living, sleeping and cooking areas through the building of additional rooms to their properties.

Volunteers in partnership with local tradesmen help in the building of the structures to roof level using traditional building methods and materials. Professional tradesmen then completed the roofing, interior and flooring.


  • 14 additional rooms built in 7 Caregiver homes.