Building ICT Labs



Although ICT is on the national curriculum in Ghana many schools lack the facilities in which to teach it. The schools we work with do not have access to computers and therefore are only able to teach from the textbook. Our project aims to provide ICT resources so all children within our partner schools have access to the equipment needed to learn the syllabus effectively.

We firstly lend the schools laptops and related equipment when they have scheduled ICT lessons, we do this until the time comes when we can build them a fully functioning ICT Lab.



You’ll join ICT classes as assistant teachers and sit with school children assisting them as they are taught the ICT syllabus. Some groups will be involved in the renovation and building of ICT labs which will consist of painting, building furniture and installing equipment.

The lessons taught are to children aged 4-12 and are not advanced classes. You will follow a structured lesson plan with a qualified teacher and a Thrive Africa project manager. Only a basic knowledge of how to use a computer is needed.