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Spent 4 weeks in Ghana with Thrive Africa and can honestly say I had the time of my life. Everything was well organised, and spare time was filled with activities based on what the group wanted to do. All the excursions were brilliant too, and really allowed the group to experience different areas of the country. I stayed in one of the Kumasi houses, and although it was pretty basic, it was still much more than I expected. The food prepared and cooked on a daily basis by the Thrive staff was of a good quality too, another positive surprise on the trip. All the Thrive staff, both Ghanaian and English, were friendly, welcoming, helpful and reassuring – exactly what you need in a country that you haven’t experienced before. Seriously encourage anyone who wants to do something similar to go out there and do it, and I think Thrive Africa offers the perfect opportunity. Would go back straight away if I could, made some seriously good friends and so many amazing memories, cannot thank the Thrive staff enough. As long as you go with an open mind and embrace the Ghanaian culture, I’m positive you’ll love it just as much as I did.

“Time of your life!”


An amazing experience with amazing new people. Getting to build libraries throughout the day and seeing how thankful the children and teachers are leaves you glowing. Spending time with your team on excursion and when building felt like you were one big family. And unforgettable experience leaving you with many emotions. You’d be a fool to miss out.

“Everything on this trip was enjoyable and educational``


Everything on this trip was enjoyable and educational, everyone got to help others by doing the necessary work and seeing people happy from simple things was amazing, I couldn’t fault it.

“A brilliant trip in an incredible country.”


My trip with Thrive Africa was on of the best of my life to date. Thrive Africa boasts a great scheduel, accommodation, staff, support, meals and excursions. For me it was enjoyable as it was so relaxed – although you work hard there there is a very laid back feel in the houses and on all the excursions, All the volunteers on my trip were super friendly and the staff make you feel very comfortable. The library building and time spent in the schools and children’s home is amazing but extremely moving and heart wrenching at times. The excursions are laid back fun and all the locations are BEAUTIFUL and GHANA is just one of the most incredible places you will ever visit filled some of the best people, food, music, faith and places in the world. So if anyone hasn’t got it yet, I would strongly recommend visiting Ghana with Thrive Africa. 🙂

“Most amazing experience!”


I can’t really begin to explain how amazing my three weeks as a volunteer was! The library builds alone were such an amazing experience, seeing the children’s faces light up when they seen what we had in store for them made my trip! Visiting the lake was so relaxing after our first week of hard work! The second weekend we visited mole national park, that was such an experience seeing all the animals up close! For the last weekend we went to cape coast for our last few nights, it was unreal, spending out days and nights on the beach! I know after this trip I have made amazing friends that I will keep in touch with! I also have to mention the leaders, they made the trip unforgettable aswell, they were always there to help and generally made the trip more enjoyable! I would seriously recommend anyone that gets the chance to volunteer with thrive to do it!

“Best month ever!”


Had the most fantastic month of my life. The staff are brilliant and did all they could to ensure we felt safe and had the most fun possible. Such a positive experience and met friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Would love to go back next year! Loved the option to purchase the excursion pack, would definitely recommend that as it’s a good way of seeing ghanas sights easily and cheap. Food was good, cooks were accommodating however bring luxuries such as crisps and chocolate as these are hard to come by. Ensure you take the correct things on kit list, I struggled without a few things. Also you can never have too many clothes that you are willing to ruin. Over all it was a fantastic trip that will never be forgotten.